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Downloading Rayman Levels


Rayman DesignerFor those interested in game design, the Rayman Gold and Rayman Forever CDs include a level editor, Rayman Designer, which allows you to create your own Rayman levels. Levels created by Rayman Designer can be shared with other players who have the Rayman Designer program.

To download and install the levels (referred to as "maps") we created, follow these steps:

  1. The maps have been zipped. Click on the name of a zip file below to download it to a directory on your hard drive. 
  2. Unzip the map file. 
  3. To import the map into your Rayman game, in Windows run Rayman Designer and select the "Mapper" button.
  4. World Open dialog boxChoose the "Worlds" pull-down from the Mapper menu bar, then "Open ...". A dialog box with icons representing each of Rayman's six worlds (Jungle, Music, Mountain, Image, Cave, Cake) will be displayed. Click on the icon corresponding to the map file you want to import. 
  5. Next choose "Maps" and "Import Map..." from the Mapper menu bar. Find the directory on your hard drive where you unzipped the map file and click on the filename of the map you want to import. The map will be added to your Rayman game.
  6. To play the new level, exit the Mapper and run Rayman from Rayman Designer (not the "Original Rayman" game). Move Rayman to the world in which you imported the level. The new level can be found under "Other Maps". Use the left and right arrows to scroll through the list of other maps.
A difficulty rating has been assigned to each of the new levels. The ratings are subjective, and we defined them as follows:
Easy - shorter levels with few enemies or obstacles
Medium difficulty - for those who have played the Rayman game
Challenging - even we have trouble getting through the level!



New Levels for the Jungle World

jungle8.zip - Walk on the Wild Side Medium difficulty
jungle9.zip - Jungle Warfare Medium difficulty
jungle12.zip - Flight of the Jungle Bee Medium difficulty
jungle14.zip - Grow up! Easy
jungle15.zip - Amazon River in Flood Medium difficulty



New Levels for the Music World

music4.zip - On Cloud Nine Easy
music5.zip - Horns Medium difficulty
music6.zip - Spinning Maracas Challenging
music14.zip - Slip Sliding Away Medium difficulty



New Levels for the Mountain World

mountn1.zip - Mountain Climbing  Challenging
mountn4.zip - Balloon Practice Medium difficulty



New Levels for the Image World

image1.zip - Bouncing Erasers Medium difficulty
image4.zip - Pencil Problems Easy



New Level for the Cave World

cave2.zip - The Deep Cavern Easy



New Levels for the Cake World

cake5.zip - Been there, done that! Medium difficulty
cake6.zip - Frosting Frolics Easy
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