Welcome to Rayman

Welcome to Rayman!

Rayman is a DOS based, 2D side-scrolling game first released by Ubi Soft in 1995. Rayman has fantastic animation, but its cartoon appearance is deceptive because the game play is surprisingly difficult. This is an unofficial fan site dedicated to Rayman. It contains a wealth of information about the game including cheat codes, strategy guide and maps for finding all of the cages, screen snaps from the game, and new levels to download.

After the initial release of the Rayman game, Ubi Soft released Rayman Gold in October 1998 which included the "Original" Rayman game, 24 "New Levels", and Rayman Designer which gave you the tools to create your own Rayman levels. In June 1999, Rayman Forever expanded upon the Rayman collection by including 40 levels created in a contest for the fans of Rayman.

The Rayman game has since been released for other game consoles and newer 3D versions, but this site contains information only for the PC 2D versions of the game. For information on the other Rayman games, try the sites listed on the Rayman Links page. 

The DOS based Rayman games are becoming increasingly difficult to find for sale. Although inventories constantly change, we suggest checking www.amazon.com for the games. Be warned however, that many players have had problems running the old Rayman games on Windows XP and newer PC operating systems. 


"Original" Rayman Game

Cage Cage Strategy Guide
Frustrated? Can't find that cage? Here are step by step instructions and maps for finding all of the cages in the PC version of the original Rayman game.
Betilla the Fairy Cheat Codes for the Original Rayman Game
If you need them, here they are!
Sign Rayman's Worlds
Descriptions of Rayman's six worlds and screen snaps from the original Rayman game.
Mr. Dark The Rayman Story
Meet the armless and legless wonder!
Rayman in action

Original Rayman Game Playing Basics


Rayman's "New Levels" in Rayman Gold and Rayman Forever

A word of warning - Rayman's "New Levels" are more difficult than the original Rayman game. We suggest that you first play the original Rayman game before tackling the new levels.

Tips for the New Levels 
Helpful hints for completing each of the 24 new levels that come with Rayman Gold and Rayman Forever.
Totem Game Playing Basics for the "New Levels"
See what's new in the "New Levels"!
Life Cheat Codes for the "New Levels"
Space ship Download Rayman Levels
Download and play Rayman levels that we've created with Rayman Designer
Rayman Designer Logo Rayman Designer Tutorial 
Ubi Soft's Rayman Designer provides you with everything you need to create your own Rayman levels. Here is a tutorial that describes how to use the Rayman Designer tools. Let your creativity run wild and have fun!

General Rayman Information

Cymbols Rayman Links
Includes links to other Rayman fan pages.
Rayman riding Moskito Just for Fun!
Play Tic-Tac-Toe or the Memory Game with the Rayman characters.
Rayman box Information on Rayman Products
Includes links to reviews and demo downloads.
Rayman shrugging FAQS, Advice and Technical Support
Here's the bad news. Most players have had problems running the old Rayman games on Windows XP and newer PC operating systems. Dig out that old PC sitting in the back of your closet and load Rayman on it!

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