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Released by Ubi Soft in October 1997

"Rayman is back and better than ever!"

box"Whether you're a fan of the original million-selling Rayman or a newcomer to Rayman's wacky world, Rayman Gold is the ultimate collection! Enjoy twice the gameplay with the complete, original Rayman game plus 24 brand new super-challenging levels. Or unleash your own levels on the world with Rayman's revolutionary map-building tools. The included Mapper gives you everything you need to construct your own levels and share them with other Rayman fanatics!" (from Rayman Gold box)

Rayman Gold Features (from Rayman Gold box)

  • The complete, classic action/adventure platform game
  • 24 never-before-released levels with vile new enemies
  • Revolutionary world-building tools

Minimum System Requirements (from Rayman Gold box)

IBM PC or 100% compatible, Windows 95, Pentium 90, 16MB RAM, 35MB hard drive space, CD-ROM 2x or better, 256 color VGA or SVGA, keyboard or joypad, 16 bit sound card (most sound cards supported).

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