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The original Rayman game released by Ubi Soft in 1995.

box "Enter the challenging, mind-altering world of Rayman and, suddenly, reality seems far too tame. Free your mind as Rayman takes you on an arduous adventure through a complex realm of psychedelic landscapes, absurd characters, formidable opponents, and uncharted levels of dementia. You'll experience a heightened sense of visual awareness. You'll hear strange and beautiful sounds. Endless legions of bizarre creatures will be out to get you. One trip into Rayman's kaleidoscopic domain... and you'll be addicted." (from Rayman box)

Features (from Rayman box)

  • Incredible intense visuals
  • Up to 70 surrealistic levels
  • Over 50 demented characters
  • Challenging, mind-expanding platform game
  • Exhilarating CD-quality sound effects and music

Minimum System Requirements (from Rayman box)

IBM PC or 100% compatible computer, 486 33 MHz, 4MB RAM, Windows 3.1/95, double-speed CD-ROM or faster, DOS version 5.0 or better, 8-bit sound card, 256 Color VGA or SVGA, Keyboard or joypad.

Download the Demo

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* GameSpot - Rayman Review by Jeff Sengstack

"Rayman is side-scrolling, comic animation at its finest. Both experienced video gamers and newbies will find it absorbing, engaging and amusing."

* Coming Soon Magazine - Rayman Review by Jere Lawrence

"The graphics in Rayman are exceptional. The colors are vibrant, sharp and depict faraway cartoon like worlds in explicit detail. From lush green rain forests to worlds made out of sheet music or ice cream, the backgrounds are always stunning."

"Rayman is an excellent game for people of all ages. With absorbing game play and some of the best scrolling and sprite animation to be seen on the PC it is a worthy purchase."

* Electronic Playground - Rayman Review by Rog

"If you're looking for a platform game with all of the essential features, Rayman is for you. It's cute, fun and compelling. Although there aren't a lot of surprises, it's still a game full of joy."

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