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Cheat Codes for Rayman's "New Levels"


RaymanYou can use these codes when playing levels created by Rayman Designer on the Rayman Gold or Rayman Forever CDs, either the levels that Ubi Soft created, or the levels you download. Warning - if you use any of the codes, the game will not be timed for a high score. Don't try using the codes on levels that you are designing yourself - strange things happen because some of the letters are reserved editor commands!

For all codes, letters must be typed with no shift, ALT or CTRL keys. All numbers must be entered by using the keys on the top row of the keyboard, not the numeric keypad. While the cheat codes may be entered any time during a level, you may find it easier to press the PAUSE key to freeze the game, type the code, then unpause the game.

In the codes below, TAB means press the tab key. BS means press the backspace key.

TAB  openall  BS    In the start screen where you select the level to play, this code gives you access to all four levels in the world that were created by Ubi Soft. It changes all of the level names to red so that you can play them in any order. 
TAB  points Restores 5 energy points
TAB  goldens Golden fist
TAB  lives05  BS 5 lives
TAB  lives20  BS 20 lives
TAB  lives50  BS 50 lives
TAB  moveray  BS Stuck making a hard jump? This cheat code helps get through some of the tough spots in the new levels. It freezes Rayman and the action on the screen. You can then move Rayman around the level using the ARROW keys. When you want to restart the game, press TAB moveray BS again. Just realize that when you move Rayman you may skip some part of the level that is critical for you to continue, such as  a Gendoor.
TAB  map  BS Display the map number at the top of the screen. (Not that this seems very useful to us???)
TAB  finishing  BS Win the current level. The "Esc" key does the same thing since by using a cheat code the timer is disabled.
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