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Rayman's "New Levels" - Game Playing Basics


Selecting a "New Level" to Play

After the introductory screens, you come to the screen where you can move Rayman to one of the six worlds (Jungle, Music, Mountain, Image, Cave, Cake). Move Rayman to the world which contains the level you want to play, and press the SPACE BAR. Start Screen


Select levelThe next screen to appear is a list of the levels for the world you selected. The screen snap to the right is from the Mountain World. At the beginning of the game, only the first map is accessible (unless of course you use the cheat codes!). That is why its name appears in red. After you successfully complete a level, you are allowed access to the next level.

To play a level that you created or downloaded from the Internet, use the DOWN ARROW key to move the golden glove to "Other Maps". Then use the LEFT or RIGHT ARROW keys to scroll through the available maps. Press the SPACE BAR to begin playing the level.

Object of the Game

There are no cages in Rayman's new levels! The goal of the game is to collect all (usually 100) of the blue tings on a level to make the Exit Sign appear so that Rayman can exit the level. That means Rayman must explore the entire level to search out and find every blue ting. Game play is timed and whenever you finish a level, the best time is saved. You can replay a level if you want to try to improve your time. Warning - using a cheat code disables the timing!

Game Screen

Game ScreenBottom right: timer.

Top right: number of blue tings left to find.

Top left: number of lives and health points.

Bottom left: number of colored tings. Press the F10 key to see the count for the different colored tings.

Rayman's Powers

Rayman always can carry out simple actions: walking (ARROW keys), jumping (CTRL key), holding onto vines, and crawling (CTRL+DOWN ARROW). Rayman's other powers are determined by the designer of the level. Rayman may not have all of his powers in the level. The best advice we can offer is to make sure that you check at the start of each level to see what powers Rayman was given.

Telescopic fist
Press ALT. The longer you keep the button pressed, the further the fist will go. 
Thanks to this power, Rayman is able to swing on flying rings. It also allows him to pull the bonus items towards himself.
Hanging onto platforms
This power lets Rayman hang onto the edges of platforms.
Press CTRL to jump, then press it again to slow your descent with your helicopter blades.
This power not only allows you to move faster (obviously), but also to build up speed to jump further. To activate it, press 'X' while you're walking.
Super helicopter power
Magic flaskRayman must find a magic flask to activate the super helicopter power. To fly, press CTRL multiple times.
Magic Seed
The magic seed works slightly differently than in the original game. This power can only be used in the Jungle World. To plant a seed, press the 'X' key. The seed can usually only be planted on the little heaps of earth that are scattered around on the grass.

Keys Used During the Game

CTRL Jump. If you have the helicopter power, press CTRL to jump, then press it again to slow your descent with your helicopter blades. If you have the super helicopter power, press CTRL multiple times to fly.
ALT Throw fist, punch.
ARROW keys Walk.
X Depending upon Rayman's powers, run or plant seed.
F1 Show/hide timer.
F2 Show/hide health information and ting counts. 
F10 Press to see the count for the different colored tings.

Blocking Sprites

Blocking sprites will sometimes prevent Rayman from continuing along his path. In the screen snap above, the totem is a blocking sprite in the Jungle World. It appears solid to Rayman and Rayman can not walk through it. Usually the blocking sprite will disappear when Rayman collects all of the colored tings associated with it. In addition to the usual blue tings, Rayman's new levels may have six other colored tings (grayish blue, red, gold, yellow, gray, green). The number of colored tings remaining is displayed in the lower left of the screen. In the screen snap above, there are 10 red tings remaining to be found in the level. Press the F10 key to see the count for the other colored tings.


Blocking sprites in the different worlds
Tree trunk
Double bass
Jungle Music Mountains
Pencil bridge
Electric wire
Electric cable
Heap of cherries
Rolling pin
Image  Cave  Cake 

Other Differences from the Original Rayman Game

There are no magicians with hidden bonus levels in Rayman's new levels.

Collecting 100 blue tings does not give you an additional life. The good news is that collecting 100 blue tings usually triggers the appearance of the exit sign.

The levels are not connected. You select a level to play, and after completing it, you return to the starting screen. There are no big bosses to fight at the end of the level. 

PhotographerYou really can't save a game; you must complete the entire level. The photographer is still a save point within the level. If Rayman dies he returns to the last place the photographer snapped his picture. Once you leave the level, the saved points are discarded.

BalloonRayman now has cute balloons! Initially deflated, the balloon are inflated by a punch from Rayman's fist. Rayman can then jump on top of it when it is inflated. Rayman must act quickly though because his weight immediately deflates the balloon. Getting used to the balloons is tricky! You'll either come to love or hate Rayman's new balloons.

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