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Q. How do I access the Ubi Soft Rayman Online site to download levels?

A.  You can't. Ubi Soft discontinued the site. If you are looking for Rayman levels to download, try the levels in the Rayman Designer Map page or check some of the other Rayman fan sites on the Links Page.


The following section has been copied from Ubi Soft technical support pages for Rayman.

Q: Can I adjust the soundcard settings?

A: If you are having problems with Rayman and your soundcard, you can download the soundcard patch: 

1. Download the patch sndcard.exe from the UBI Soft. If Rayman is installed, you can run the patch from anywhere. It's better to have it in the Rayman directory for clarity. 
2. Type SNDCARD if you are under DOS, or double-click on the icon in Windows 95. 
3. In the patch, select the number of the setting you want to change, and then set the parameter. When you're done, select Save and Exit. 

Q: What are the minimum system requirements for Rayman Forever / Gold?

A: The minimum systen requirements are as follows:

  • Computer: Pentium 90
  • Memory: 8 MB RAM
  • Operating System: Windows 95 or Windows 98
  • Video: DirectX compatible 2d video card with 2MB VRAM capable if 16 bit (high-color)
  • CD-ROM: 4x or Better
  • Sound: SoundBlaster compatible sound card required

It is important to note that Rayman Forever / Gold is a DOS based game. This means that you will need to run the game in DOS. Please contact Windows Help for switching your system to DOS mode. 

Q: I have background music, but no sound effects.

A: If you are using Windows 95/98, insert the CD into the drive (if the CD is already in the drive, just open and close the drive). You should see a menu pop up on your screen. Click on INSTALL. Follow the steps below.

If you are using MS-DOS, type in the letter of your CD-ROM drive, followed by a colon, then press ENTER. If your CD-ROM drive is D, you would type "D:" and press ENTER. You should now see "D:\>", assuming D is the letter of your CD-ROM drive. From here type "install" and press ENTER. Follow the steps below.

1. You should see a screen with PLAY, INSTALL, LANGUAGE, SOUND OPTIONS and EXIT.

2. Highlight SOUND OPTIONS and press ENTER

3. You should see a list of sound card choices.

4. Look for SBPRO, highlight it, and press ENTER.

5. At this point you should see SOUND CARD: SBPRO at the top of the screen followed by AUTODETECTION. (If you do not see this, go back into the SOUND OPTIONS and select a sound card until you see the screen with AUTODETECTION.)

6. You should now see PORT, IRQ, and DMA. The number beside IRQ should be 5. If not, highlight IRQ and press ENTER. From here you should see IRQ 5. Highlight it, press ENTER, then highlight EXIT and press ENTER.

7. The number beside DMA should be 1. If not, highlight DMA and press ENTER. From here highlight DMA 1, press ENTER, then highlight EXIT and press ENTER. You should be back at the main screen and see DMA at 1.

8. Highlight SOUND TEST and press ENTER.

* If you do not hear a sound or if your system freezes, read below for further information.
* If you heard a sound, highlight SOUND TEST SUCCEEDED and press ENTER.

9. You will now be back at the main screen. Highlight EXIT and press ENTER.

10. Choose highlight SAVE AND EXIT, then press ENTER. 

IMPORTANT: If you do not hear any sound, or if your system freezes when you try the SOUND TEST, simply reboot your computer. When your computer reloads, repeat the steps above, except try a different IRQ and DMA combination. IRQ 5 and DMA 1 are the defaults that work with most systems. This may not apply to your system. Repeat the above steps until you find a combination that works with your system. 

Q: When I start the game, it seems to skip through the menus by itself. This also happens when I try to exit the game pressing ESC. 

A: Do you have a controller attached to your PC?

This is caused from a gamepad, joystick or steering wheel connected to your system. The solution to this is to unplug the gamepad, joystick or steering wheel from your computer before you start the game. The only exception is the GRAVIS GAMEPAD PRO. On the back of the gamepad, there is a switch. Switch it from GRIP mode to 1 player mode. If the problem remains, just unplug it from the back of system before you start a game. 

Q: How can I start Rayman in Windows 95/98?

A: If it is not installed on your hard drive, insert the CD and the game will automatically run: 

1. Click on INSTALL. 
2. When installing is completed, click on Play.

If it's already installed, click on Play in the autorun window that is displayed when you
insert the CD-ROM. If it's already installed, but the autorun window does not pop up on the screen, you must click on AUTORUN.EXE which is in C:\.  If you want a shortcut, you can make one by using the icon RAYMAN.ICON which is on the CD-ROM.

Q: My games won't save when I play without installing Rayman.

A: Make sure Rayman is at least minimally installed. The installation program will ask you to give the file a name and there it will save your games. It will also create the file C:\RAYMAN.BAT with which you can start the game.

Q: I can't make a small window of the game in Windows.

A: You must put the game in video mode PCI1 in Graphics (Options menu).

Q: The game freezes at different times.

A: Change the video mode to PCI1 in Graphics (Options menu).

Q: Blinking screen under Windows 95/98 or any general problems with Windows 95/98?

A: Restart Windows 95/98 in MS-DOS mode. There are three ways to do this:

Restart your computer in MS-DOS mode: 

1. Go to the Start menu 
2. Click on Shut Down 
3. Choose "Restart your computer in MS-DOS mode?" 
4. To play, make sure your CD-ROM driver is installed in MS-DOS.

Create a shortcut on your desktop using C:\RAYMAN.BAT: 

1. From the desktop, click the right side of the mouse. 
2. Click on NEW>SHORTCUT. 
3. Type C:\RAYMAN.BAT. 
4. Create a title for the the shortcut named Rayman. When you have finished, the icon MS-DOS will appear on your desktop. 
5. To play, make sure the CD-ROM driver is installed in MS-DOS. 

As a last resort, you can try reinstalling Windows 95/98. 

Q: How do I change the shortcut parameters?

A: You can change the parameters

1. Click the shortcut with the right side of the mouse. 
2. Click on Properties. 
3. Choose the Program tab. 
4. Click on Advanced Parameters. 
5. Click on Mode --> MS-DOS then indicate that you want to use the MS-DOS configuration you already have. 
6. Confirm your changes by clicking on OK. 

When you then double click on the shortcut icon, the game will start automatically in DOS. Don't be surprised if it seems like the computer is rebooting; this is normal.

Note: To change the shortcut icon, you can take an icon from the CD-ROM.

Q: The sound test says I don't have a sound card or the sound test fails.

A: Try re-installing the game and choose your type of sound card from the list. If the program still doesn't detect the sound card or if your sound card is not on the list, choose the card SbPro (most cards are compatible with this system). 

Q: There are no sound effects.

A: If you are playing Rayman under Windows, you must restart Windows and load Rayman again. Running Rayman under DOS is, however, highly recommended (Most likely you will not have sound problems if Rayman is run under DOS). Make sure to check the volume of your sound card. 

Q: There are sound effects, but there is no background music.

A: Make sure that your sound card is connected to your drive. You can test this by listening to an audio CD on your CD-ROM drive: 

1. Open the volume control for the CD player 
2. Check that the CD volume is not at the minimum setting 
3. If you are using DOS, make sure that the volume control is in DOS and not in Windows. 

Q: I'm having problems playing Rayman. Windows 95/98 is my operating system. 

A:  Did you install the game in MS-DOS mode? The problems you are having are most likely caused from Windows, not the game. Rayman is a DOS based game so you should try to install the game in MS-DOS mode. To do this:

1. Click START->SHUTDOWN, select RESTART IN MS-DOS MODE, then click OK.
2. You should get a black screen with the following: "C:\WINDOWS>".
3. From here, type in the letter of your CD-ROM drive, followed by a colon, then press ENTER.

NOTE: If your CD-ROM drive is D, you would type "D:" and press ENTER (If you get a message that says "Invalid drive specification", this means that your CD-ROM drivers aren't loaded in MS-DOS. Please see the section about creating a boot disk).

4. You should now see "D:\>", assuming D is the letter of your CD-ROM drive.
5. From here type "install" and press ENTER. This will start the installation program.
6. Highlight INSTALL and press ENTER.
8. On the next screen, leave the default directory "C:\RAYMAN", and press ENTER. This will install the game.
9. You will see the message "SUCCESSFUL INSTALL" when it is done.
10. Press ENTER to go to the main menu.
11. Go to SOUND OPTION to configure the sound to work with your system. 

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