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Electric cable

Tips for the 24 New Levels
The Cave of Skops

Electric wire

Peaks and RocksPeaks and Rocks

One of the shorter cave levels, but hanging off the edges of platforms is tricky.

  • To get the tings which are located to the left of the wall at the entrance, drop down on the three disappearing clouds. Move to the left side of the stone platform and crouch down. You will see more disappearing clouds down to your left. Go left on the clouds. After you get the tings, retrace your steps to the stone platform but watch out for the big blue spiked ball that has appeared in your path.
  • Take a running leap, following the tings, to get to the stone platform with the green mushroom. You will return later to this platform and the green mushroom.
  • Go up on the pink rings, getting the red tings. Follow the tings until you reach the larger stone platform with two red tings on the left, and a golden glove on the right. Get the golden glove (and the two free lives that appeared) and walk back to the left side of Red rockthe stone platform. Hang off the left side of the platform and drop down on the moving prickly red rock. 
  • Follow the tings and ride the prickly red rocks to the left. You will find yourself back on the stone platform with the green mushroom. Luckily there are now disappearing clouds over the spikes so you don't have go back up on the pink rings. Return to the larger stone platform where you found the golden glove.
  • Break the bouncing lava balls at the top of the sloping stone path to get the super power-up which is hidden behind them. 
  • This next part is tricky - jump and hang off the edges of the small stone platforms to get the tings. Watch out for the stone birds. When Rayman hangs off the first platform, tings will appear to the left behind him.
  • PlatformWhile you are falling on the purple rock, watch out for a small stone platform. Then grab the red ring and be prepared to quickly grab for a pink ring. Watch that you don't hit the sharp bottom of the prickly red rock when you grab onto the second pink ring.
  • When Rayman stands on the purple rock just before the photographer, a pink ring and tings appear to his left. Get your picture taken by the photographer first! Then go left on the pink ring and disappearing clouds. Watch out for the stone birds in this section of the level. Return to the photographer. 
  • Continue to the right past the photographer, following the tings. Get all of the green tings to open the electric wire which is blocking access to the pile of blue tings.
  • The exit sign is above and to the left of the photographer.


Dark JourneyDark Journey

Lava rockA longer level, but at least there are two photographers to save you! The bouncing lava balls can be frustrating. Punch them, then duck quickly to avoid the dangerous flying pieces of lava.

  • Red rockThe beginning of this level has several sequences of moving red rocks. Be careful when you jump on a red rock, you may need to duck down quickly to avoid touching the dangerous bottom of the red rock above. 
  • When you reach the first photographer, red tings will appear below. Hang off the edge of the photographer's platform and drop down on the moving prickly red rock. Follow the tings down.
  • At the deep 'v' in the stone path where the two bouncing lava rocks appear, stand at the bottom of the 'v' and red tings will appear below the path. Go back to the photographer's platform. You can reach the red tings if you run then use your helicopter powers.
  • In the flat stretch of the level where lava balls are bouncing between stretches of water, watch out for tings which appear behind you.
  • Just before the green mushroom, hang off the edge of the path, then drop down in the hole to get the tings below. Careful - there  are spikes!
  • SpiderAfter the three bouncing lava balls in small 'v's in the path, get the tings in the cavern which is below and to the right of the stone path. A spider will make this difficult for you. To defeat the spider, throw your fist and duck so that the fist hits the spider on its return path.
  • At the large stretch of water next to the red mushroom, there are pink rings suspended over the water. Starting on the sloped path to the right (watch out for the lava balls), use the run and helicopter power to reach the rings.
  • There are two electric wires which block Rayman's path at the second photographer. Getting all the green tings will make both electric wires disappear. Go up and get the green tings, then go back to the lowest small rock platform and you will see green tings to your left. After getting all the green tings, explore the cave above the photographer before continuing to the right of the photographer.Stone man
  • Take a deep breath. The next stretch of the level with bouncing lava rocks and stone men is really hard! It may be easier if you defeat the stone men quickly before they can unleash their lava rocks. If you have time, break the second large rock to get the power-up hidden behind it.
  • When you are on sloping stone paths and are being chased by lava balls, try using your running power to escape them.
  • After the section with the spiders you will reach the end of the level. Get the tings on the tiny stone platforms above, and a moving prickly red rock will appear in the spiked crevasse below. Ride the red rock and get all the tings at the edge of the level. If you have successfully collected all the other blue tings, the exit sign will appear above you on the second tiny stone platform.


Dreaded CavesDreaded Caves

This is without doubt one of the hardest Rayman levels. You are forced to chase after a moving cloud, overcoming all sorts of nasty obstacles in your path.

  • Prickly swingTo get the tings below the entrance, go right past the moving big blue spiked ball and descend using the three stone platforms. Inflate the first balloon. Then using your running, helicopter and punching powers, time your launch carefully, jump and inflate the second balloon.
  • Follow the path indicated by the tings and get the red tings along the water at the bottom, then go up again.
  • Ride the cloud that has appeared to the right over the spikes. When you see the three balloons, punch them to inflate them but do not mount on top of them yet. The cloud will continue into a spiked wall and you need the balloons to escape back to the left. Go back to the left using the pink rings that have appeared.
  • Bouncing rockFollow the path indicated by the tings along the section with the flying pink rings.
  • When you reach the photographer's platform, get your picture taken! Then jump on top of the bouncing blue rock on the left to get the tings above.
  • Now the hard part begins. Jump on the cloud to start it moving, but don't stay on it. You have to move quickly, keeping the cloud in your sight. Run to the right past the photographer and jump down into the tunnel indicated by the tings. Keep moving quickly so that you can catch the cloud at the end of the tunnel. Jump on the cloud and use it to reach the pink rings.Rock
  • When you get to the tunnel with the large round rocks blocking your path, you may catch a glimpse of the cloud as it continues to float off to the right. Don't worry. You don't need the cloud any more. Break the rocks. When you reach the right side of the tunnel, a ting arrow will appear. Retrace your steps to the left where you will find a photographer.
  • The rest of the level is straight-forward, and easy considering what you just went through! Simply follow the path of the tings to the exit sign.


Dire DarknessDire Darkness

This level wouldn't be too hard, if it didn't have those awful moving big blue spiked balls!

  • To get the tings below the entrance, go right on the stone platform, face Sparkling towards the left and you will see a sparkling gendoor. Hang onto the edge of the platform, wind up your throwing fist, and let loose a long punch. Jump immediately up onto the stone platform and the return path of Rayman's glove will hit the sparkling. Get the tings below the entrance, then retrace your steps towards the right.
  • Prickly swingUse this technique to get past the first moving big blue ball: Wait for the blue ball to go by, jump and hang off the left side of the stone platform with the ting, wait for the blue ball to pass overhead, jump up and hang off the right side of the stone platform, wait for the blue ball again, then jump onto the next stone platform and run to the right towards the first photographer.
  • To get past the moving big blue balls that are over the steep 'v's in the stone path, use your running power to race to the bottom of the 'v', crouch down and wait for the blue ball to pass overhead, then run up the other side of the 'v'.
  • The next set of moving big blue balls is really challenging! You must jump over top of them using your running, jumping and helicopter powers.
  • PhotographerAfter the second photographer, go down the steep slope with the two moving blue balls (you should be an expert getting by them by now!). When you get to the edge of the cliff, ignore the ting that is just below the edge of the cliff and look for a ting hanging in space on the right bottom of the screen. It is barely visible. Jump at it and clouds will appear allowing you to go up and get the bonuses and tings. Return to the edge of the cliff.
  • This time drop down on the ting that is just below the edge of the cliff. Follow the ting trail to the left. After a lot more moving big blue balls, you will arrive back at the first photographer. If you have gotten all of the blue tings, the exit sign will be on the stone platform above his head.
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