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Tips for the 24 New Levels


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"In this life, there are some things that are very, very difficult to accomplish. Performing calculus is one, rocket science is another, and brain surgery is a third. Add to that list finishing any level in Rayman Gold." (Paul Hyman in his Rayman Gold Review on CMPNet GamePower)

Even with five years of playing Rayman games, the 24 "New Levels" that come with Rayman Gold and Rayman Forever are without doubt more difficult than any of the levels found in the Original Rayman game. Our suggestions - play the Original Rayman game before trying any of the new levels. Then, review the game play for the 24 new levels, there are some differences between the games. Consider using some of the cheat codes, at least to allow you to open all the levels for the world. If you are ready to face the challenge, here are hints and tips for each of the 24 new levels:

Good luck!

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