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Tree trunk

Tips for the 24 New Levels
The Dream Forest


The Sky's the LimitThe Sky's the Limit

BalloonThe main theme of this level is the use of the balloons. Initially deflated, Rayman must hit the balloon with his fist to inflate it. Rayman can jump on top of it when it is inflated, but he must act quickly because his weight will immediately deflate the balloon!

  • At the entrance, go left to get the green ting which is on the grass.
  • Go right. There is a deflated balloon in the little palm tree. Inflate it by punching it and get the tings suspended above. More balloons will appear to your left.
  • Inflate the balloons, using them as a staircase to reach the vines. Explore all of the vines to find the green tings.
  • Go right and you will eventually find a grassy platform with a full power-up,Sparkling hang off the left side of the platform and use your fist to hit the sparkling gendoor that is underneath the platform. Get the blue tings that appear and drop down the ting trail.
  • You can now get by the totem that was blocking the path. Go to the right along the bottom of the level, past the tree hut. You will see red and blue tings suspended over the water that you will not be able to get at this point. Eventually you will reach 3 small grassy platforms that lead to a temporary dead end. Return to the left to the tree hut.
  • Use the hand of the tree hut to get access to the upper grassy platform. There you will find a ladder made of balloons. Take a deep breath, inflate the balloons and go up. It could (and will) be worse - there could be water under the balloons!
  • PlumWhen you finally reach the upper platform, get the tings. This will trigger the appearance of a purple fruit (grape?) at the bottom of the level. Go back down and find the purple grape. Punch the grape to knock it off the vine and into the water. Ride the grape in the water to the right to get the red and blue tings that you saw before. To steer the grape, just face in the direction you want it to go.
  • Return to the 3 small grassy platforms that looked like they were a dead end. You will see a balloon to the right of the last platform. Be careful - the balloons are now over water!
  • PhotographerAfter the photographer, there is a balloon to the right of the double layer grassy platform. You must stand on the bottom level of the platform, inflate the balloon, go to the upper level of the platform, hang off the edge of the platform to make sure that the balloon is still inflated, then jump on the balloon. If you move too far to the left while going to the upper level the balloon will deflate.
  • PirhanaContinue going right, past the vines and the flying fish. Be careful on the balloons which are suspended over the water.
  • When you reach the top of the level, you will find the last of the blue tings. Unfortunately, the exit sign is back to the left, and you have to go through the section with the vines and flying fish again!


Fruity FunFruity Fun

A long level in which it is easy to miss some of the tings.

  • At the entrance, knock down the purple grape and punch it to the left. Get on top of it and jump when it bounces to reach the vines. Collect the tings.
  • HunterGo to the right, past the spot where you found the purple grape. There is a grassy platform above you with an animated white daisy. Take a running jump off that grassy platform and land on the mushroom tree in front of the hunter. Duck! Punch the hunter when he lowers his gun to reload. Hang off the right side of the mushroom tree and drop down on the island below.
  • TotemKnock down the purple grape under the mushroom tree and ride it in the water to the right. Duck beneath the swinging red prickly fruit. When you get stopped by the island, climb up the vines. You will see the blocking totem which you can't get by at this point. Use the vines to go left.
  • When you get back to the mushroom tree there will now be a purple grape suspended above it. Knock it down onto the tree and use it to go up. There are green tings to your right. When you get these tings, more green tings appear over the tree. Use Rayman's running and helicopter powers to get the tings.
  • Retrace your steps to the totem which no longer blocks your path.Swinging prickly fruit
  • Jump onto the grassy platform above the swinging red fruit. The blue Antitoons are annoying - get rid of them! There is a purple grape suspended over the center of the platform. You will need to use this grape three times! First, knock down the grape and use it to jump to the grassy platform on the upper left to get the yellow and blue tings.
  • Go back to that purple grape. This time knock it down and punch it up the hill to the right. Use it to get the tings on the vines.Big livingstone
  • Now go back and drop down on the flat grassy island just to the left of the swinging red fruit. Be careful - there's a large explorer on the island! Get rid of the explorer. Go back up and knock down the grape that is suspended over the island (not your favorite purple grape, the other one!). If you don't get rid of the explorer first, the grape will get stuck on his head. Ride the grape to the right in the water to get the yellow tings.
  • Time to use your favorite purple grape again! This time punch it up the hill to the right, stand on top of it, punch and crouch down so that the returning punch hits the grape off the edge of the cliff. Rayman and the grape will fall into the water. Get the last two yellow tings and water lilies appear over your head. Jump up on the water lilies.
  • The grassy platforms with the red and blue tings are multi-leveled. Explore them all. Use the purple grape to get the red tings suspended over the water. You will be rewarded by two lives.
  • PhotographerHave your picture taken by the photographer.
  • Go up on the small falling water lilies and get the blue tings on the vines. Drop down a little to the right of the last vine onto the tiny island in the water. Go left on the tiny islands to get the tings. Retrace your steps back to the vines.
  • OK, now it gets hard! Jump on the small falling water lilies and frantically punch at the hunter. There doesn't seem to be any tricks other than persistence to get by the hunters. You can try hanging on the edge of the platform in front of them to dodge the bullets that they fire.
  • SparklingWhen you reach the right side of the level you should have 4 blue tings remaining. Hang down off the left side of the last island and punch the sparkling. Get the last tings and the exit sign appears above you.



In this level Rayman has the special power to plant a magic seed that grows into a tall water lily. Rayman can jump on the lily and reach upper platforms. The seed can only be planted on the little mounds of dirt that are scattered around the grassy platforms in level. Stand on the dirt area and press the 'X' key (C button on the joystick) to plant the seed.

  • At the starting island, plant a seed and use the lily to climb up to the grassy platform. Get the red tings and jump off the left side of the platform onto the red tings below. Return to the starting island and go up again. This time continue up to the mushroom tree. Climb on top of the tree and jump up to get the 2 tings which are at the very top of the level. A life and power-up will appear on the starting island below.
  • From the starting island, go right this time using the tings as clues to follow the most likely path.
  • Tree trunkYou will find a tree trunk resting on the ground and blocking your access to some yellow and blue tings. Ignore it for now. Continue going to the right. Falling fruit
  • Jump over the prickly red fruit on the hill and climb up the vine. Get the three blue tings which are at the top left of the vine, and the yellow ting to the top right of the vine. Don't worry if you fall after getting the yellow ting.
  • At the bottom of the vine have your picture taken by the photographer.
  • PhotographerKnock the purple grape at the bottom of the vine into the water to the left of the photographer's island. Use it to float into the cave under the hill. Get all of the blue and yellow tings. Make sure you get the yellow ting that is hidden at the top above the vine!
  • Retrace your steps to the tree trunk which now is no longer blocking the gap. Carefully drop down into the gap to the small cave on the right, get the tings and go back up. Jump on the balloons and get the blue tings.
  • Jump onto the stationary purple grape which is now suspended directly over the gap. While standing on the grape, throw your fist and duck down. This will dislodge the grape and it will fall through the gap into the water with Rayman on top.
  • Get the tings and make your way back to the photographer.
  • At this point you should have all the yellow tings. If you do, there will be water lilies to the right of the photographer. Go up and continue to the right. Look around carefully and make sure you collect all the tings on the vines with the flying fish. There are tings below the vines also.
  • Flower springWatch out for the red flowers in the water that bend. Try this technique: jump on the flower, then immediately jump again straight up. Use the helicopter power to slow your descent. This gives the flower time to straighten up. When you land a second time, the flower will not bend. You could also try racing through the red flower section, only briefly landing on each flower before jumping to the next. The flowers will not have time to bend and put you in danger.
  • At the right side of the level, go up and start back to the left collecting all the tings you see. If you have found all the blue tings, the exit sign will be on the island with the second photographer.


Ring a LingRing a Ling

Pink rings, red rings, too many rings! You will be an expert at grabbing flying rings by the time you finish this level. Remember that the distance between Rayman and the ring at the moment he grabs the ring determines the length of the arc of his swing. This is important as you grab rings surrounded by dangerous objects.

  • At the start of the level there will be tings below you, guarded by a totem. You can't get them at this point. Go right on the rings.
  • At the platform with the first photographer, have your picture taken then drop down to the left of the platform onto the green ting. A moving water lily will catch you. Get the green tings as you negotiate the obstacle course and the totem under the entrance will disappear, allowing you to get the tings. Return to the photographer.
  • A water lily should have appeared above the photographer. Jump on it to get to the rings. Getting the correct timing for grabbing the rings is difficult. Just keep going right.
  • When Rayman is hanging on the pink ring which is just before the second photographer, Sparklingthere will be two blue tings below near the water. Drop down onto the tings and a small water lily will take you up to the platform with the photographer. On the way up, punch the sparkling. Two red tings will appear near the rings you just left. Before getting the two new red tings, have your picture taken by the photographer! 
  • Flower springIfPrickly ball you have collected all the red tings, you will be rewarded with 2 lives which appear to the right of the second photographer's platform. Use the two red rings to get the free lives, then jump onto the red flower that bends. Crouch down immediately to avoid the green prickly balls. The green prickly balls will disappear when the flower bends. 
  • When you run out of rings, jump at the golden glove which is near the two blue tings, and another flying ring will appear. You have to be quick to grab the ring. Use your helicopter power to slow your descent and give you time to grab the ring.Swinging prickly fruit 
  • After the three swinging red fruit, get onto the small falling water lily and jump at the power-up and ting. A larger water lily will appear to catch you. Ride the large water lily down and jump onto the tiny island in the water. Tings, green prickly balls, and a red ring will have appeared. Get back onto the large water lily and go up to the top of the screen. Grab the red ring and ride it down through the green prickly balls, getting all the tings.
  • Go up on the large water lily again, grab the red ring, but this time use it to swing over to the larger island on the right. Hit the sparkling and rings will appear to take you up to the exit sign.
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