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Tips for the 24 New Levels
The Blue Mountains


Treetop AdventureTreetop Adventure

This level contains many puzzles, as you travel through the level you will see many blocked passages containing tings and bonuses. The goal is to find a way to get them. Look around carefully for tings as you move through the level. 

  • ColumnGet the red ting to the left of the entrance, then go right. Jump and use the helicopter power to avoid the spikes in the stone path.
  • There will be two passages above you which are blocked by columns. You can't get in them yet. 
  • Continue right until the path is blocked by a stone column. Retrace your steps to the left. There will be a ting at the gap in the path. Hang off the edge of the path and drop down onto the cloud below. Get the tings and bonuses in the cave below the path. 
  • Prickly swingReturn to the path above. The blocking column will be gone. Follow the path up to the photographer.
  • Use your running power to get by the three moving big blue spiked balls.
  • When you get to the left side of the level, there will be a blue ting just below the edge of the path. Hang onto the edge of the path and drop Sparklingcarefully down onto the rock ledges, getting the tings. A sparkling will be to the right of the last ledge. Hang onto the edge of the ledge and hit the sparkling with your fist. Drop down the trail of tings. You will be back at the entrance.
  • The two blocking columns in the upper passages near the entrance will be gone. Get the tings and bonuses. 
  • Return to the photographer. Go past the three moving big blue spiked balls again and get the 2 lives which appeared. An arrow made of blue tings will appear pointing right. Bouncing rockGo back towards the photographer until you see another blue ting arrow pointing left. Continue your journey to the left.
  • When you get to the bouncing blue rocks, climb up on the second one to get the green tings. The passageway will be blocked for now. Continue right past the other blue bouncing rock.Bridge
  • Drop down between the stone pillars when you see the blue ting. Get the tings. The wooden bridge at the bottom will prevent you from getting the bonuses below. Go back up and continue following the obvious path.
  • After the photographer and the 4 Antitoons, there is a green ting hanging just under the edge of the path. Drop down onto the ting. A trail of blue tings will lead you back to the bouncing blue rock. If you have collected all of the green tings, the passage above the bouncing blue rock will be open. 
  • Return to the wooden bridge between the stone pillars that you saw earlier. It too should be open.
  • Retrace your path to the first photographer and continue on to the second photographer. There will be one yellow ting before the second photographer and two yellow tings above him. You will find the rest of the yellow tings later on the path.
  • To get by the three moving big spiked balls over the small platforms, hit the ball, jump and hang off the side of the platform, wait for the ball to pass overhead, then jump Birds up, get the ting and jump to the next platform.
  • The snow covered slopes at the end of the level are slippery - go slowly!
  • If you have successfully collected all of the blue tings the exit sign will be at the top of the level near the birds.


Stone manTough ClimbTough Climb

Almost all of the mountain obstacles are found in this level. The level requires careful play and patience making the tricky jumps. Missing a jump often means repeating large sections of the level. Try not to lose too many health points fighting the stone men. 

  • Prickly ballPrickly swingThe level begins with a difficult jump through moving blue spiked balls. Try jumping straight up and using the helicopter power to float through the balls.
  • Hit the big blue spiked ball to start it moving, then use your running power to get underneath it. Don't jump - you'll hit your head on the ball's chain.
  • When you reach the small grassy platform with the next big blue spiked ball, stop and wait for the stone birds to come from the left. Then hit the big blue spiked ball and jump quickly to the next platform. Duck to avoid being hit by the ball as is swings.
  • Stone birdJust after this, there is a small grassy platform with 3 tings. Watch out for the stone birds that appear when you get the tings. Crouch down to avoid them.
  • ColumnIf you have collected all the green tings, the column will not be blocking your path. Get your picture taken by the photographer.
  • The stone man after the photographer will jump off the edge of the cliff if you hit him. Just watch out for the lava rocks that he throws.
  • Just to the left of the photographer are 3 disappearing clouds which lead to blue tings. Use your running and helicopter powers to get off the clouds.
  • Bouncing rockJump on top of the bouncing blue rocks to get access to the upper platforms.
  • Stone dogWhen you meet the stone dog guarding a pile of blue and red tings, go right before going up. Use the balloons to collect all the red tings. You will be rewarded by a free life. Return to the platform with the stone dog and continue going up.
  • Use the bouncing blue rock to go up into the maze of blue tings, small stone platforms and stone birds. After you have collected the tings on the first few bottom platforms, return to the blue bouncing rock. Blue tings will have appeared to the left of it.
  • Continue going up, ducking to avoid the stone birds. If you have successfully collected all of the blue tings, the exit sign will appear in the grassy chasm with the two disappearing clouds.


Tip-Top TempestTip-Top Tempest

Prickly ballIn this level Rayman rides clouds through obstacle courses of blue spiked balls. You may have more success avoiding the spiked balls if you do small jumps and not use the helicopter power which can slow you down so much you miss landing on the cloud. Sometimes you can simply duck under the danger. There are no tricky paths or puzzles to solve - just dodge the dangers!

  • Stone birdAfter the first photographer you may not be able to collect all the green tings on your first ride on the cloud. There will be a cloud to take you back to the photographer to try again. Duck to get under the stone birds.
  • When you collect all the green tings, the blocking column disappears and blue tings appear back on the photographer's platform.
  • Large rockbirdWalking on the grassy platform which had the blocking column will trigger the appearance of stone birds. Duck!
  • Jump quickly off the stone platform with the power-up. You won't be able to avoid the stone birds just by ducking.
  • After you jump over the flock of stone birds, return to the left to go up on the disappearing clouds and collect the rest of the red tings. Continue going right and you will find two much needed free lives.
  • Prickly swingJump quickly to make it onto the second photographer's platform. You must get the power-up on the stone platform above the second photographer to trigger the appearance of a cloud to take you through the next blue spiked obstacle course.
  • At the third photographer jump on the cloud which goes right towards the big blue spiked ball. Punch the big blue ball to start it moving. Don't get off the cloud - stay on it to return to the photographer where there will be a super power-up and the last two yellow tings.
  • The route to the fourth photographer is blocked by blue spiked balls until you collect the blue tings near the pink rings.
  • HippiesThe exit sign is at the top left of the level. If you get to the platform with the hippies and don't have all the blue tings, you can drop down onto the clouds at the left side of the platform to try to find the tings you missed.


The Diabolic PursuitThe Diabolic Pursuit

Perhaps the hardest level in the new collection. The theme of the level is to start an object moving (cloud, pink ring, rock plate) and take another route full of obstacles, keeping ahead of the moving object in order to jump on at the end of the obstacle course. You are under a tremendous time pressure to move quickly!

  • Flat stoneWhile chasing the large flat rock plate, watch out for a red ting that you find in the third group of obstacles. When you get the red ting, a blue ting appears above you. You must get the blue ting to get by the clouds below.
  • Start the cloud moving by jumping on it, then quickly move to the right and ascend the small rock ledges with Antitoons. You must catch the cloud at the top and jump on it.
  • To mount the balloons quickly, face towards the left, punch and jump straight up. Again catch the cloud at the top and ride it up.
  • The blocking column will be removed by getting all the tings. Go past where the column was to the right. Stand at the far right side, jump up and catch the pink ring. Rayman will swing far enough to the left to grab the next pink ring. When the original pink ring emerges from the spiked tunnel, swing over and grab onto it again for the journey to the top.
  • Jump down the hole following the ting trail. Use the balloons and clouds to go up to the photographer.
  • Bouncing rockRide the large flat rock plate down, getting the blue and green tings. Watch for a sparkling on the left which you must punch. If you miss the sparkling, there will be disappearing clouds at the bottom to let you go up and try again.
  • BridgeIf you hit the sparking, go up using the bouncing blue rocks. Get the green and blue tings, and the blocking wooden bridge will open. Drop down the now open bridge.
  • When you get to the cloud, jump on it to start it moving. Then quickly ascend the bouncing clouds to the right. At the top jump back on the moving cloud. Have your picture taken by the second photographer. Continue right following the tings.
  • Stalactite platformThe next race is with the pink ring. Grab it to start it moving, then start climbing down, collecting the tings. You must catch up with the pink ring as you fall through the second cavern. Grab the ring again and use it to swing over to the small rock ledge on the left wall of the cavern. There are two blue tings at the top of the cavern that you must also get. If you miss the pink ring, there is a purple rock platform which will take you back up to the top.
  • If you caught the ring and made it to the rock ledge, go left. There will be a pink ring near the column of spikes. Use it to swing over to the third photographer.
  • Go left following the trail of tings. Start the last race by jumping onto the cloud. Move quickly to the left keeping up with the cloud. You will need to use it to get between the sequences of obstacles.
  • After the pink rings and the Antitoons, you must have the cloud to make it through the short spiked tunnel. Duck down and ride the cloud through the tunnel. The exit sign is at the top of the clouds, to the right of the entrance. If you did not successfully collect all the blue tings, you can restart the level and look for the missing tings. (Right!?!)
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