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Tips for the 24 New Levels
Band Land

Double bass

Gone with the WindGone with the Wind

TrumpetThe goal of the level is to climb and descend each section with the aid of the trumpets. Patience is the key to getting through the level. Each section requires slightly different timing - using jumping and the helicopter power with the aid of the trumpets to get through. There are no enemies and nothing to kill you in the level - you just have to make it through collecting all the tings along the way.

  • Make sure you get all the blue tings in the vertical sections at the beginning.
  • Double bassContinue all the way to the right of the level and drop down a hole. Get all of the green tings to make the blocking cello disappear. Don't look for a way down - there isn't anything below.
  • When you get to the drum with the strange looking obstacle course of icy bars,Sparkling hit the pause key and take a break. This is really hard! There is s sparkling to the left. Hit it with your fist to make a cloud appear. You have to jump onto the cloud to start it rising, then quickly jump up the icy bars on the side to climb to the top before the cloud disappears.
  • If you successfully collected all the blue tings, the exit sign will appear at the bottom of the balloon ladder. If you reach the balloons and you missed some tings, don't drop down the balloon ladder! Jump up through the icy bars and start the level again, looking for your missing tings.


Scale the ScalesScale the Scales

No, it's not another trumpet level - but there are still some tricky parts!

  • With the help of the trumpets, go up on the two icy platforms. Be read to grab onto the pink rings. Make sure you get the blue and red tings just to the right of the mallet at the left side of the level.
  • TheBongos mallet acts as a catapult, launching Rayman into the air. Jump on top of it to reach the icy platforms above. Get the red ting at the top, but don't jump on the icy bar above it. There are pink rings to the right that lead to more blue and red tings. Use the dropping bongos to reach the icy bar above.
  • Before getting on the second mallet at the right side of the level, go to the left along the icy bars to collect the tings. Watch out for the sharp notes!
  • The trumpet will blow you across the level towards the left. Get the tings which are on the dropping bongos - and the free life! When you reach the left side, use the icy bars to go up. Go right for the photographer.
  • Use the pink rings above the photographer to go left. Don't miss the yellow ting under the bottom pink ring on the left. When you walk on the icy platform on the left, tings will appear below you. Drop down the trail of tings and return to the photographer.
  • A cloud has appeared over the photographer's head. Use it to get the tings that you can see on the other side of the vertical bar.
  • Use the pink rings above the photographer again to go to the left side of the level.Prickly ball Carefully climb the icy bars with the blue spiked balls by hanging off the edges of the platforms. Continue up past the disappearing clouds and balloons to get the green tings.
  • Go right for the second photographer.
  • Above the second photographer are pink rings. Before going left on the rings, hang on the first pink ring and get the two green tings which are high above the photographer.
  • Double bassJump carefully on the mallets to get the tings above them. Once you make it across the mallets to the right, sigh, turn around and go back to the left. The green tings opened the way through the blocking cello to the last of the blue tings.
  • The exit sign is on the right - across the mallets again!


Music LessonsMusic Lessons

A very large level, with oh no - more trumpets! 

  • When you make it to the top of the first trumpet section, duck down to slide under the sharp notes.
  • At the left of the level, Rayman will be at the bottom of a steep hill guarded by sharp notes. Stand on the icy bar just above the drawing-in trumpet and duck down after Rayman starts moving. The momentum will take Rayman safely up the hill.
  • Have your picture taken by the photographer. After the photographer there are two note filled gaps in the bars which require the use of the running and helicopter powers in addition to the push of the trumpets.
  • NoteContinue to follow the path up. When you are on the icy bar just below the second photographer, tings will appear to the right. Fall down the trail of tings to get the red and blue tings below. Watch out for the purple notes. You can't fight them; just jump over them.
  • Return to the second photographer, and prepare for more challenging trumpet jumping sequences.
  • The exit sign is near the blocking cello at the top right of the level. Just before the cello, drop down the narrow shaft under the trumpet. Jump on the falling cloud to get the tings. Clouds will appear to allow you to get back up to the cello. 


Melodic MaracasMelodic Maracas

Well, at least there are no trumpets on this level, but the slippery bars are challenging. Try hanging off the edges of the small icy bars to prevent slipping off.

  • At the entrance, get the two blue tings that are just under the sharp notes.
  • You can't fight the moving purple notes. Just jump over them. Watch out for the tiny icy bars right after the purple notes. There's nothing below them.
  • XylophoneThe blocking xylophone bridge is removed by finding all the green tings. You can't do anything about it right now - continue going up.
  • When you find the blue spiked balls guarding the blue and green tings,Prickly ball ignore the lower tings and get the pile of 3 blue tings on the upper level first. One of the blue spiked balls on the lower level will disappear making it easier to get the tings.
  • To reach the 2 green tings and blue ting on the small bar to the left, first get the tings above them near the moving cloud. A pink ring will appear giving you access to the tings below.
  • Continue going up. When you collect the blue tings that are above the blue spiked balls which block your path, the blue spiked balls will disappear. Don't continue left through the opening they guarded. Turn around and run to the right. Grab the pink ring and swing up to the platform with the last of the green tings. Return to the xylophone bridge which is now opened. Collect the red tings carefully!
  • Return to where the blue spiked balls were blocking the opening. Crawl under the sharp notes. You MUST make the jump to the upper platform or you fall back to the start of the level.
  • Double bassGo up. When you get the tings and power-up, you will hear the magic sound indicating that something has happened. Ignore it and continue up to the photographer. After you have your picture taken go back down. The blocking cello has disappeared and you can collect the tings it was guarding.
  • Return to the photographer. Follow the path indicated by the tings, dodging the purple notes. The exit sign will be on a cloud at the upper left of the level.
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