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Pencil bridge

Tips for the 24 New Levels
Picture City


The Five DoorsThe Five Doors

This level is divided into five mini sections. You have to complete each of the mini sections to get access to the next.

  • Climb up the two pencil sharpeners Pencil sharpener, use the helicopter power to glide between the two moving pencils, and drop down the ting trail. Have your picture taken by the photographer.
  • Go left past the erasers and moving pencils. Follow the tings up, back to the right, then drop down the ting trail. There is a green ting hidden above you just to the left of the box of spikes. Return to the photographer.
  • The blocking ruler on the bottom right has disappeared. Go to the right side of the level. To get by the 3 ying-yangs, punch the spiked ones and they will fall.
  • When you reach the right side of the level, stand on the last ying-yang, throw your fist Ying-Yangand duck. Rayman and the ying-yang will drop safely to the spiked area below. Use the helicopter and running powers to jump over the spiked ying-yangs. Return to the photographer.
  • PenThe blocking ruler on the top right has disappeared. Climb on top of the pencil sharpener and jump on top of the pens. Move to the right collecting the red tings until you reach the pile of blue tings. Start back across the tops of the pens, but you do not have to go all the way back. Watch for a trail of blue tings indicating when to jump down between the pens.
  • Jump over the two Antitoons to the ying-yang. Stand on the ying-yang and use it to go right and get the tings over the spikes.
  • Go back to your left. Just before the photographer, go up again on the pencil sharpener. There are new tings and a pink ring to the left of the pens. Return to the photographer.
  • The blocking ruler on the lower left is now gone. Fall down the trail of tings and go left. There is a green ting hidden at the very left side of the level, high above Rayman.
  • Go down and to the right to return to the photographer. This is a very tricky series of jumps. There are no tings along this bottom section, so if you miss a jump don't worry about trying again! If you do make it across, go up when you see the balloon.
  • The blocking pencil under the photographer is now open. Drop down the hole following the tings. Go right, down and then left. Run to get by the wave of pencils. To go back up, use the platform near the pencils.
  • The last ting is near the photographer. The exit sign is above the photographer.


Pencil PentathalonPencil Pentathalon

Rayman is small during most of this level but must still explore it completely to find all the hidden tings.

  • EraserAfter the third bouncy blue eraser, drop down and get the ting. This triggers the appearance of a red ring beneath the box of spikes to the right. Use the red ring to get the super power-up. A pencil sharpener appears which will take you to the left to get the four blue tings you saw at the entrance.
  • Return to the right across the bouncy blue erasers. This time use the pink rings above the spikes to get the blue tings. Follow the tings.
  • Hang off the left side of the blue bouncy eraser. A moving pencil sharpener appears to the right. Get on the pencil sharpener and punch the spiked ying-yang to the right. Use the remaining ying-yang to collect the ting. More pencils sharpeners appear giving you access to the photographer.
  • ElfTouch the elf to get small and slide down the inky hill. If you walk, but don't run, Rayman will land safely hanging onto the edge of the third platform. Use the running and helicopter powers to go left on the platforms. There is a blue ting hidden under the inky hill. Return to the right.
  • Get the power-up. Use the pencil sharpeners to reach the tings.
  • On the small ink slope above, run and helicopter to reach the platform on the left with the blue tings. Drop down the ting trail and continue going right.
  • Just before you reach the golden glove, duck to avoid the pirate.
  • Use the pink rings to get the tings below them. When you jump on the pencil, a pencil sharpener appears between the two rings you just left allowing you to reach the top of the platforms with the tings guarded by the Antitoons.
  • You will need to run down the next inky hill to reach the tings and platforms on the right.
  • Touch the elf to get large, have your picture taken, then resign yourself to being small again.
  • When it looks like you've reached a dead end, hang down in the gap to trigger the appearance of ying-yangs to use to climb up. Get rid of the two Antitoons and continue to the right. A ying-yang appears. Use it to go up to get the blue tings. Collect all the red tings that appear for two free lives.
  • Get all the tings on the green and purple chalk. Go up on the cloud and rings to collect the rest of the green tings. The exit sign will be to the left.


Eraser ManiaEraser Mania

Another level in which Rayman must spend time exploring in his reduced size.

  • You will  not be able to get the blue and yellow tings that you see at the entrance. Go Ying-Yangup the red pencil to find the ying-yang. Punch it to start it bouncing, then jump on top of it and ride it down to the left over the spikes. Stay on top of it and duck under the divider to get the yellow ting on the other side.
  • Go up at the very left side of the screen. Get the blue tings on top of the pink eraser. Turn around and collect the blue and yellow ting which are on the upper left of the screen. Retrace your steps to the cloud and get the yellow ting which is hidden to the right of the cloud. Go back up and fall down the trail of tings to the right.
  • The last yellow ting is under the blue checkered eraser. An elf appears shrinking Rayman. Go right.
  • Drop down the hole and get the blue tings and glove that you saw below you at the entrance. Climb back up the red pencil and return to where you jumped down the hole. Go up this time. Get the blue tings and power-up and drop down to the photographer. Return to your normal size.
  • Go right along the top of the pencils. When you get to the 'v' made of slippery ink hills, drop down the hole at the bottom of the 'v'. An elf will make you small again.
  • Go left collecting the tings. To get by the spike ying-yangs on the hill, punch them, then duck as they bounce overhead.
  • Return to the 'v', drop down the hole again. You will be back to normal size. Go right this time, collecting the red tings above the clouds, and up the purple eraser hill with the spiked ying-yangs. Drop down the right edge of the purple hill, staying very close to the purple eraser. You will land safely on ying-yangs. Go left for the rest of the red tings. Go up the purple hill again. At the top look left for a free life.
  • Pencil sharpenerJump onto the moving pencil sharpener and get the three green tings to the left of it. Jump on the pencil sharpener again and go up to the top. 
  • Go left, collecting tings until you get blocked by a pink and blue checkered eraser. Retrace your steps to the right - you will now be able to get the tings you couldn't reach the first time through.
  • Return to the pink and blue checkered eraser. An elf will make Rayman small. Get the two blue tings, return to normal size, then drop down onto the blue ting to the left. Don't fall down the hole in the 'v' again!
  • Go left. There are new clouds to lead you to a blue ting.
  • Return to the 'v'. The new pencil sharpener on the right will give you access to the last tings.
  • The exit sign is on the pink eraser hill to the left.


Tic Tack ToeTic Tack Toe

Drawing pinThis level is a giant thumb tack obstacle course. If you miss some tings at the beginning, there will be a way back up at the end of the level.

  • The power-up over the first pencil sharpener triggers the appearance of three red tings and a balloon above the blue checkered eraser on the left.
  • Pencil sharpenerGo up on the balloon to the pencil sharpener above. Get all the blue and red tings. Three free lives appear back at the entrance - you'll need them!
  • Jump onto the vertically moving pencil sharpener to the right of the entrance. Drop from it onto the ting which is just to the right of the box with spikes. You will fall onto another pencil sharpener. Duck down quickly and get the tings which are under the entrance.
  • Go up. Be prepared for the first tack obstacle course.
  • After you fall down the trail of tings, move right getting the tings. When you get the tings above the second moving pencil sharpener, blue tings appear under the pencil sharpener to the left.
  • Another tack obstacle course.
  • Get your picture taken by the photographer. Watch out! The right edge of his platform is slippery! When you walk on the photographer's platform, a blue ting appears to the left. Hang off the edge of the eraser to get it.
  • Another tack obstacle course. The first two pirates will miss you, but you must jump over the next two pirates to dodge them.
  • Drop down on the blue ting on the right for the second photographer.
  • If you thought the previous tack obstacle courses were hard, wait until you try this next one! Try short quick jumps to get over the tacks. When you get all the yellow tings, a new pencil sharpener going up appears. You must jump on it to get the tings above.
  • RulerWhen you finally hit the green pencil, jump to the pencil sharpener above. Go left on the moving pencil sharpener over the spikes, then jump on the pencil sharpener going up and down between the boxes of spikes. Get the blue ting near the blocking ruler and green tings appear to your left and above the box of spikes. 
  • Collect all the green tings and the blue tings as they appear. The exit sign will be near the platform with the blocking ruler.
  • If you need to restart the level to get some missing tings, go left on the pencil sharpeners at the bottom of the screen.
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