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Working with Block Types in the Mapper

Viewing Block Types

To the right is a screen snap of a Mountain level in the normal editing view in the Mapper. 

Normal Mapper view


To display the Block Types on a map, use the Mapper's "Edit" pull-down menu, then select "Types". You can also display the Types by pressing the 'T' key. This is the same level displayed in the Mapper's Type view. The Type icon bar is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Refer to the section on Block Types for a description of each of the Block Types.

Showing Block Types

Block Type icon bar

Placing Block Types

Select the desired Block Type by clicking on its icon in the bar at the bottom of the screen. Then move the cursor to where you wish to place the selected Type. Click with the left mouse button and the block will be assigned the selected Type.

If you want to place a group of the same Block Types, click on the desired Type in the icon bar, move the cursor to the start of the area of blocks to be assigned the Type, click and hold the mouse button as you move the cursor. Release the mouse button after you have framed the area to be filled with the new Type.

Deleting Block Types

Technically, every block must have a Block Type. To "delete" a Block Type that you no longer want, simply place a Null Block Type on the block using the method described above. 

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