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Ubi Soft's Rayman Designer has all the tools you need to create your own Rayman levels. This tutorial provides instructions, examples, and suggestions to help you use Rayman Designer to build your new Rayman level. Let the fun begin!

Before You Start - Overview of the process and tools, terms used in game design, and suggestions to make creating your new levels easier.

The Mapper

Creating a New Map - Creating a new (almost empty) level. 

Building the Scenery with the Mapper - The Mapper is used to create the scenery for your level. Described in this section is how to copy scenery blocks, erase blocks, save your map, and use the Mapper short-cut keys.

Block Types - Each scenery block in a map has a "Block Type" associated with it which defines how Rayman, his enemies and other events in a level react to the block. This section describes each of the block types and gives examples.

Using Reactive Types - Reactive Types are used to limit the movement of moving platforms, enemies and other game events.

Working with Block Types in the Mapper - How to view Block Types, place Types and erase Types in the Mapper. 

Other Mapper Functions - Accessing the Ubi Soft Online, exporting a map, importing a map.

The Events Editor

Using the Events Editor - The Events Editor is used to add the events to your level, moving objects such as enemies, platforms, tings, and animations. In this section you can find out how to start the Events Editor, the short cut keys, how to create events, getting help, and placing Block Types using the Events Editor.

Events Common to All Worlds - The Events Editor has some events which are common to all of Rayman's worlds. These are things such as power-ups, tings, pink rings, clouds, hunters and Antitoons which can be used in any of the six worlds.

Gendoors & Killdoors - Or the secret to making things appear and disappear.

Linking Events - When designing levels with multiple moving events (clouds, platforms, pink rings, swinging grapes, waves of pencils), you may need to synchronize their movement by linking the events in the Events Editor.

Designing for Rayman's Worlds

These sections contain suggestions and handy information for designing game levels in each of Rayman's six worlds. The pages have screen snaps from the Mapper showing the scenery design elements available in each of the Template and Example Maps, the background landscape scenery choices, and the events (enemies, platforms, animation) that are unique to the world.

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