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Other Mapper Functions

Accessing the Ubi Soft Online

You can't - it isn't supported anymore.

Even though the Ubi Soft Online no longer exists, players are still sharing levels via web sites such as this one. (See the section on Downloading Rayman Levels.) There are also sites listed on the Rayman Links page which have levels for you to download.

Exporting Maps

To share a level that you created with other players, you must use the Mapper's "Export" function to package all of the elements of the level into a single file. 

Choose the "Worlds" pull-down from the Mapper menu bar, then "Open ...". Select the world which has your map and click on the icon to display the list of maps for that world. Place the cursor on the name of the User Map you want to export, click once to highlight the name, then in the Mapper's "Maps" pull-down menu, select "Export map ...". A pop-up box will ask where you want to save the file. Pick a directory on your hard drive and give the file some meaningful name. The Mapper will choose a filename extension for the exported file. It uses ".mp1" for Jungle levels, ".mp2" for Music levels, ".mp3" for Mountain levels, ".mp4" for Image levels, ".mp5" for Image levels and ".mp6" for Cake levels.

You can now zip the exported file and upload it to a web site or share it with friends on a diskette.

Importing Maps

To import the map into your Rayman game, choose the "Worlds" pull-down from the Mapper menu bar, then "Open ...". A dialog box with icons representing each of Rayman's six worlds (Jungle, Music, Mountain, Image, Cave, Cake) will be displayed. Click on the icon corresponding to the map file you want to import. Next choose "Maps" and "Import Map..." from the Mapper menu bar. Find the map you want to import, click OK, and the level will be added to your Rayman game as an "Original Map".

To play the imported level, exit the Mapper and run Rayman from Rayman Designer. Move Rayman to the world in which you imported the level. The new level can be found under "Other Maps". Use the left and right arrows to scroll through the list of other maps.

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