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Using the Events Editor


The Mapper tool is used to create the background scenery for a game level. The Events Editor is used to add the events, moving objects such as enemies, platforms, tings, and animations. 

Running the Events Editor

The Events Editor is not a separate program like the Mapper. The Events Editor is invoked while playing the Rayman game from Rayman Designer. Once your map is totally or partially created and you have saved it in the Mapper, run the Rayman game from Rayman Designer. After the introductory screens, you come to the screen where you can move Rayman to one of the six worlds (Jungle, Music, Mountain, Image, Cave, Cake). Move Rayman to the world in which you are building your level, and press the SPACE BAR.


Start Screen
The first screen to appear in each world is a list of the levels for the world you selected. To play your level, use the DOWN ARROW key to move the golden glove to "Other Maps". Then press the LEFT or RIGHT ARROW keys to scroll through the available maps. When you see your map, press the SPACE BAR to begin playing the level. Other maps

Once you have started to play your level, you can enter the Events Editor at any time by pressing the 'E' key. To leave the Events Editor and return to playing the level, press the 'A' key. Warning - before you leave the Events Editor and return to playing the level, SAVE YOUR CHANGES by pressing the 'S' key. If you lose all of your lives while playing the level, you are returned to the start screen without the opportunity to save your changes!

You can only run the Events Editor from within games that you create; you cannot run it while playing games which were created by Ubi Soft or games which you download from the web.

Keys used in the Events Editor

  E -  Enter the Events Editor
A -  Quit the Events Editor and return to playing the game
S -  Save changes made in Events Editor
K -  Delete an Event 
. -  Delete all Events (does not work in all versions of the program) 
I -  Display/don't display links 
M -  Enter/leave MAP mode 
T -  Enter/leave TYPE mode
N -  Display a description of an Event 
B -  Block Events

Additional Keys Available While Playing a User Map

  W -  Exit
C -  Move Rayman on the map (while freezing him)
V -  Bring Rayman back to life
D -  Display/don't display detection and collision zones
R -  Display/don't display rasters
L -  Display/don't display map number

Placing Events in the Events Editor

When you are in the Events Editor, a cursor in the form of a hand Cursor hand is displayed. To create a new event in the level, move the hand to the general location where you want the event to be (you don't have to be exact, you can move the new event later), and depress and hold the right mouse button. 

The LEFT and RIGHT ARROW keys allow you to select the category of events (General, Tings, Road Signs, Gendoors and Killdoors, Enemies, Rings, Scenery, or Platforms). The UP and DOWN ARROW keys allow you to chose the specific event from the category. When you find the event you want, release the right mouse button. In the example to the right, a "Hunter 1" event was chosen from the Enemies category.   Events

To move an event which you have created, place the cursor hand over the event, click with the left mouse button and hold as you move the event around the screen.

To delete an event, place the cursor hand over the event, making sure you see the brown selection box around it, then press the 'K' key.

Remember to save your changes by pressing the 'S' key.

Event Descriptions

To get more information about an event, place the cursor hand over the event, making sure you see the brown selection box around it, then press the 'N' key. We have to warn you, the descriptions are not very helpful. The best way to learn how the events work is to play the new levels and see what happens. Help for Gendoor

Placing Types with the Events Editor

Some of the moving events (clouds, rings, flying Antitoons) move in an area that has to be delimited by Reactive Types. (For more information, see the section on Using Reactive Types.) Since it can be difficult in the Mapper to anticipate the right placement for the Reactive Types, you can also place Types in the Events Editor.

Press the 'T' key to shift to Type mode and then press the 'M' key. Place your cursor at the location where you want to put a Reactive Type, click and hold the right mouse button. With the keyboard's ARROW keys, select the desired Type. Release the right mouse button. To delete a Type, place the cursor on it and press 'K'. Press 'M' then 'T' to return to the normal Events Editor mode. Placing Types
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