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Reactive Type Using Reactive Types

Problem: Your level has two platforms with a gap which is too wide for Rayman to jump. You put a "Horizontal Cloud" next to the platform, Rayman jumps onto the cloud, overshoots the platform and goes sailing off the right side of the screen. What went wrong?

Solution: You must use columns of Reactive Types to restrict the area in which you want the cloud to move back and forth. If you don't use Reactive Types, the Horizontal Cloud will continue moving until it reaches the edge of the map. The image to the right shows how the Reactive Types look when you press 'T' in the Events Editor and display the Types.

  Cloud with Reactive Types

Reactive Types are used to limit the movement of moving platforms such as pink rings, clouds, pencil sharpeners and water lilies. Some enemies such as the moving blue prickly balls and flying Antitoons can also be controlled by Reactive Types. Columns of Reactive Types are used to stop events which move horizontally; rows of Reactive Types stop events which move vertically; and boxes of Reactive Types are used to control events such as the flying Antitoons. Reactive Types have no effect on Rayman.

Blue prickly balls  

In this example from the Mountain World, Reactive Types are used to constrain the movement of the blue prickly balls. The two blue prickly balls on the left move vertically. The row of Reactive Types just above the rocky floor and below the cavern ceiling define the up and down limits of the two vertical blue prickly balls. The blue prickly ball near the torch moves horizontally. The vertical walls of Reactive Types restrict its movement.


In this example the Antitoon flyers are confined by a box of Reactive Types. They will continue to fly around the small platform in the boxed area. Without the Reactive Types they will fly off the edge of the screen.    Antitoons and Reactive Types


You can build the walls of Reactive Types either the Mapper or in the Events Editor. It is much easier to work with Block Types in the Mapper, especially if objects in the background scenery visually delimit where the walls should be placed. If the Reactive Types are to be placed "in mid air", it may be easier to wait until you are in the Events Editor and can see the relative size and placement of the events you are trying to restrict.  (For more information, see Working with Block Types in the Mapper or Using the Events Editor.)

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